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Our Difference



We're old school people in a new world. Our mindset stems from past generations, when a person's word was his or her promise, and businesses regarded their customers as number one.

Fact: Our office is only 3 minutes from Disneyland. In case you wanted to take a "business" trip here.


In an age where technology runs our lives, we are proud to offer our clients the very human elements of patience, understanding, and guidance. We take the time to truly listen to clients' needs, and we do our absolute best to satisfy them in a timely manner – and we do it with a smile, because we love what we do.



Our company is composed of amazing individuals from incredibly diverse walks of life. In our personal time, we care for our elderly relatives, raise children, volunteer with the community, contribute to non-profit organisations, participate in school functions, and spend time with our dogs. The common thread is that we are all givers by nature, just like many healthcare professionals who discovered their calling in home health.


6: The number of employees' dogs that have been to our office. It was during "bring your kid to work" days.

We're able to accomplish all of these things, while maintaining our high standards of customer service, because we're a privately-owned -- and family-owned -- company. Because we don't have to answer to shareholders and investors, we're able to adapt as quickly as the home health industry evolves. That's why, at our company, our clients are -- and always will be -- our number one priority.