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Our Founder



In 1981, when I first began as an IT Director in the software and technology industry, mainframe computers were like dinosaurs, occupying entire warehouses and requiring teams of people to work with them. Now, our mobile phones have more computing ability than any of their larger predecessors. I witnessed the evolution of software for HMO, medical billing, drug and pharmacology, and behavioural health, and I understood intimately the frustrations that users experienced with these often difficult-to-use systems. I also saw the good things – things that made a software product easy to work with – and I learned from them.


So in 1996 I put together a small team, and we created a home health software product called Genie. Genie has gone through countless improvements as technology has evolved over the years, and it’s still going strong to this day with many happy users.


Fact: Our CEO is a strong advocate of women in business. And power naps.

With the advent of cloud-computing, we’re proud to bring you our newest creation: Genesys, a cloud-based home health software that you can access from virtually anywhere. We’ve infused Genesys with several decades of experience in computing and software, and I’m pleased to have a fantastic team of programmers and coders, as well as the friendliest software support staff in the industry.


On behalf of everyone here at RedSpark Technologies, thank you for learning more about us, and we wish you great success.


Kindest regards,

Florence Nicol

Founder & CEO, as seen on ABS-CBN Global TFC’s business talk show “Pera Ko, Pera Mo”; recipient of the VIA Times News Magazine 2011 Hall of Fame Award; PASS 2012 Humanitarian Golden Heart Award; and she is an excellent cook!.